Minimalist Traveling at its Best


Over the next eight days, I will be traveling the East Coast of the United States. This trip is my first foray into the minimalist movement – not only in items I am carrying but also in the amount of money I will be spending (I don’t have much). I will be carrying one backpack with all the belongings I think I need for this trip.

  • one skirt
  • one pair leggings
  • two tank tops
  • one dress blouse
  • one lightweight sweater
  • one pair nice shoes
  • 5 pairs underthings
  • 5 pairs socks
  • toiletries
  • smartphone
  • headphones
  • Kindle Fire
  • Surface Pro
  • charging cables for the above
  • two battery banks
  • various miscellany
  • munchies/water bottle

All of this fit into a single laptop/business backpack.

I will be wearing/carrying

  • one pair jeans
  • one tank top
  • one sleeveless vest
  • tennis shoes
  • Misfit Shine
  • lightweight jacket

This trip will primarily be on Megabus, the super inexpensive bus company found here in The States and in parts of Europe. Though I did not score a $1 trip, I do have multiple $10 trips with more expensive legs for the times I had to travel on peak itineraries. My trip takes me from

  • Atlanta to DC
  • DC to NYC
  • NYC to Boston
  • Boston to Cape Cod
  • Cape Cod to Boston
  • Boston to DC
  • DC to Atlanta

Cost? Less than $150. I have worked it out so I do not need to rent a hotel room during any part of the trip. I will be staying with friends and family when not sleeping on overnight hauls.

I will be exhausted by the time it is over, but at the moment, I’m super stoked. Check back here for updates throughout the trip!


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