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Boston Common

Shipping Up To Boston

The next leg of my minimalist travel took me to Massachusetts. My ultimate destination being Cape Cod, Megabus could only get me as far...

  • love new york
    September 18, 2016

    New York, New York

    I made it to New York City! I love New York. The food, the people, the city that never sleeps. Everything about it makes...

  • welcome word cloud heart
    September 13, 2016


    I appreciate you stopping by my humble online abode. There isn’t much to see at the moment, but give me a little time, I...

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coffee travel

Coffee World Tour – CoffeeAM

The Coffee Belt is fascinating. Imagine, a world-wide commodity that people drink all day, every day, in all corners of the globe. A commodity...

  • June 1, 2017

    Prohibition – in the Mix Magazine

    The Roaring ’20s – a time of flappers, gangsters, and surprisingly, Prohibition. The short-lived experiment of Prohibition has been chronicled in a traveling exhibit,...


More Interesting People

==================================== It has been brought to my attention that I have been negligent in my duties of reporting interesting characters on my trip. It...